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Circle floods again after Mondays downpour



Running water spilt from chocked drains unto the roads at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle precisely Iran clinic and left pedestrians with no option but to walk through the water which was around the knee level.

The heavy downpour in the area today May 20, 2019, has trapped scores of vehicles in the water whilst others manoeuvred their way to drive through. Adding to that, houses in the vicinity have also been flooded leaving residents stranded.


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A resident of the area comparing today’s downpour to past years said today’s rains are better and not heavier than what they saw years back.

”Today’s rain is a bit better as compared to two-three years back. I have been here for ten years now and I know what am talking about. It is normally like this, the big gutter, that leads the Odaw has been filled to the brim with water. The government should fix the drainage system, the drainage is poor. The gutters around are chocked if it rains heavily, flooding is massive”.

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