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Rev. Obofour ‘buys’ Obinim’s right hand man with 2019 Range Rover Evoque



It appears one of Ghana’s controversial pastors, Prophet Asanteman Bofour, aka Rev Obofour is winning the rivalry between him and his contender, Rev Obinim, as he has just dealt him a big blow by poaching his former right-hand man to his camp.

There has been an obvious competition between the two men of God as to who is more influential and wealthier. They flaunted luxury cars and houses one after the other, all in a bid to prove that one is wealthier and more powerful than the other.

Recently, Rev Obofour gifted a car to Obinim’s son, which generated controversies in the country, compelling the young man to apologise for accepting the gift.

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This time around, the former has hit the latter where it hurts him most. Obofour has bought over one pastor One Blow who used to be Obinim’s right-hand man.

In a viral video, Obofour is seen gifting pastor One Blow a brand-new Range Rover in the presence of a huge congregation, with a promise to add a piece of land and many mouthwatering gifts.

Meanwhile, as the saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat them, just join them’. Instead of making a big issue out of the development, Obinim, having realized that the competition is not a winnable one, has chosen to retreat.

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He is also seen in a video downplaying the poaching of one of his pastors, saying he will never hold any grudges against either Obofour or pastor One Blow

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