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Yaa Serwah’s Diary: Talk to me



Have you ever needed to talk to someone just so you could complete a task you had? It could have been that you needed to hear a simple “go ahead” or “I don’t think it is a good idea” so you could move on with whatever you had to work on. It simply meant that your ability to complete that task depended on the person’s availability and willingness to have that conversation with you.

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Let’s look at this from the point where this person isn’t easily approachable by virtue of his or her status or position in the society. This would mean that you would have to prep yourself to break some really tough barriers to be able to get to him or her. I have realized that the fastest way to jump this hurdle is to find a relation of a friend of a closer friend of this individual to get to him or her or better still to be a “middleman”- if that makes the process sound any easier.

It was about thirty minutes past eleven in the morning and I had left the house so early just to get to this TV station in time to have a conversation with the manager. I had come too far to let statements like “he is in a meeting” burst my bubble. I was there and I was not ready to leave without a recorded version of the conversation for my work. “You don’t have to apologize Sir, I know you are very busy and I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity,” I said as we finally settled in an empty studio where his colleagues would not guess he would be.

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His challenging me to start something no matter how irrelevant it would be that day gave me a new sense of duty; a ray of hope that woke me up to the fact that I could offer the world much more than I was. I couldn’t have been more encouraged that afternoon. As I walked out of the studio, I kept wondered how many people would be challenged too if only they had this kind of sincere chat with one “high profile person.” Maybe not many, but I bet so much could change in some hopeless situations.

But why must it be so difficult to get to talk to people especially when we really need them? Why must our appearances or how well we are connected or not matter when all we need is a listening ear?  Trying to wrap my head around this got me thinking the rest of the day till I chanced upon this quote “Pray daily. God is easier to talk to than most people.” Whoever said this hit the nail right on its head. Indeed if there was someone we needed to break tons of protocols for, then should have been the man up there. Yet He is always there to listen to us way before we say “HELLO GOD”. Just because we can see people around us does not make them better listeners than He is. So when no one is ready to listen to you but you desperately need to talk to someone, get on you knees. I bet it is a sure way to keep depression off your desk.

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Written By: Yaa Serwaa Antwi

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