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Ghanaian couple try ‘delivery drone service’ at wedding



The drone delivery service may be a bad option for blood delivery considering the cost particularly, but it may not be so bad of an idea for delivering a ring at a wedding; for this couple, it actually adds a touch of romance.

In a video gone viral, a couple very well makes use of a drone on their big day to spice up the occasion.

Unlike the usual trend where the best man and lady of honour hold the ring and present it to the couple when it’s time for the exchange of vows, this couple had their rings flown over from the back of the auditorium, over the heads of the congregants to the front of the congregation where the best man picked it up and presented it to the couple.

The congregants obviously ‘wowed’ by the move cheered on and clapped along as the drone was piloted to the front.

The medical drone delivery service has generated controversy and public debate since its introduction.

The Public Procurement Authority gave clearance on November 6, 2018, for the Government of Ghana to sole-source the contract to Zipline, a US-based company.

The move was greeted with a strong protest from the minority and some Civil Society Organizations who believe Government should have opened the tendering process up for other companies to also bid for the contract instead of the sole-sourcing approach.

The Minority early refused to discuss the matter when the Health Committee of Parliament presented its report on the issue, stating that the agreement does not ensure value for money.
Subsequently, however, parliament approved the $12.5 Fly Zipline contract for the acquisition of drones for the distribution of medical suppliers across the country.

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