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Yaa Serwah’s Diary: Special Edition



Not meeting this particular deadline made me feel everything but discouraged. I had come to the point where I understood that not everything we wished for could be done at the time we wanted them to; not everyone could be pleased and not everything could be perfect, so I was just fine with the consequence. I only needed something else to focus on other than anything that reminded me of this deadline saga, so I decided to try my hands on some recipe I came across years earlier.

Pounded plantain and cassava (Fufu) is a dish I enjoy but lately this whole stress of pounding it for about 30 minutes after having cooked it for another 30 is getting quite frustrating and boring. So this new method of blending the ingredients and stirring it over heat till it forms its usual compact form sounded very relieving. After thirty minutes of working on this ‘fast fufu’ I could not wait to taste it.

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I put the first morsel in my mouth, and let me just put it this way…the pounded fufu and the “stirred” fufu may all be called fufu but they are not the same! “What were you expecting?” a friend teased. In fact, what was I expecting? Same look, same taste, same feeling? Maybe, but they could not have tasted exactly the same way… at least because they are made through different processes- just like every other person out there.

 See, you can never become someone else no matter how much you tried because you are not that person. It’s high time you accepted your uniqueness and stopped stressing over being someone else because guess what, you can be like them but you cannot be them.

You can work your way through to living someone else’s life but it still would not mean you are that person. Until you are confident in whatever “oddness” you are made of, it will be odd to every other person you meet.

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Make use of how differently you look, how differently you talk or think to make an impact where you are. Enough of living “the life”! It is time to live your life because you are God’s special edition. There isn’t and never will be a duplicate of you, so don’t deny the world of having to experience this edition of God’s creation. You are what you are for a reason and there will always be people out there who will appreciate the original you. Stick to you.

Written by: Yaa Serwah Antwi

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