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Get a divorce if your partner disagrees with your career – Christiana Awuni tells actors



Kumawood actress Christiana Awuni has advised actors to quit their marriages if their partners are not in support of their careers.

“Actresses should divorce their husbands if they do not agree with their line of work,” Christiana Awuni shared with

In an interview yesterday, the actress said that “If you are an actress and your husband does not support your career or roles quit the relationship or marriage”.

Christiana shared stories in an interview some time ago about how her ex husband used to disapprove of her acting and tried severally to let her stay at home as a housewife so when asked in the recent interview with she spoke earnestly on the matter.

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According to the actress the partner who understands your role as an actress is the one she advises her fellow young actresses to look for in a man because that is the only way the marriage can go far.

She continued by saying “There are young actresses that like to show a lot of skin and when that happens and your partner does not agree it will be wise to break up with your partner. If you like to show some skin and your partner does not agree definitely one will have to go before the other.”

She added that it will be appropriate for an actor or actress to introduce their work to his or her partner. The partner has to visit the set to see how things are done to reduce insecurities. “Staring at the TV and going to see things yourself are different things” she said.

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Christiana mentioned later in the interview that she and most actresses that had unstable marriages because of their work are not to be blamed for their divorce.

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