God is not against premarital sex – Counselor Adofoli

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God is not against premarital sex, if truly He kicks against it, why didn’t He make all singles impotent, knowing the harm sex could cause, and then re-activate their potency as soon as they get married since He wants us to have sex in marriage? This was one question asked me during one of my speaking engagements.

The truth is, the guy who asked the question had a valid point but the answer still remained one: God is against premarital sex. God has the power to make us impotent whilst still single, but the reason He won’t do so is because He wants us to acquire a treasure called SELF CONTROL.

Self-control is treasure in the sense that, if anyone can learn self-control, then such a person can master anything. If you can have control over your sex organ, and not use it at the wrong time, you will have control over it when you get married and you won’t use it on the wrong person.

The loss of control over our sexual life is the cause of infidelity in marriage today. This is why divorce is on the rise. This is why sex has become more important than love to singles.

When sex becomes harder to get, love will become easier to find. Unfortunately it is the other way round. Sex has become easier to get making love harder to find.

Your sexual organ was created for right purposes and right timing. When you don’t use it for the right time and purpose, it is called abuse.

Abuse only leads us to sicknesses and destruction. The truth is, many singles are sick before they get married and their marriages get destroyed eventually. God wants us to have power over sex and not let sex have power over us. We should have sex when its right, not when our feelings or lustful desire wants us to. If we learn to have control over our desires, we won’t defile ourselves, not to talk of defiling others.

As humans who have feelings, we need to have control of what we feel and not let our feelings drive us. A man who is driven by a car losses his life, this is why man needs to have control of the steer of his car if he desires a safe life. Singles are letting feelings lead them into wrong relationships, thinking if they let certain people go at certain times, they might not end up with the right person.

You need to understand that we are called to walk by faith and not by our feelings. If we can have faith in God and wait on His perfect timing, our life will be in order.

Some singles are feeding themselves with poison. The kind of people they listen to, the kind of company they keep, the websites they visit, videos they watch etc leave them with a poisoned mind that stimulates their desires. Nobody is preventing you from having sex, it is just a matter of the right time with the right person. Until then stop searching for how to have sex. If you keep searching for things you are not supposed to know now, I can assure, you will end up finding out things you wish you never knew.

Such as how to stop masturbating, how to stop having sex with people you don’t have to. You will wish to be faithful in your marriage but a loss of control over your feelings and sexual organ drives you wild.

In conclusion “I am allowed to do all things, but not everything is good for me to do! Even if I am free to do all things, I will not do them if I think it would be hard for me to stop when I know I should” – 1 Corinthians 6:12 (NLV). Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.


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