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Try these Simple Ways from Akosua Vee to Always Look Chic



In a world where fashion options are endless, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when deciding what to wear . Most likely, your closet is full of patterns, colors, textures, and trends—which can be pretty daunting morning after morning when you’re heading to work (or anywhere, for that matter).

But the truth is, there are a few secrets to looking great every day, while also building a cohesive and functional wardrobe that will stand the test of time (and trends). Here are some of the rules that will make sure you are on point.

The idea is—even if you’re mixing textures, patterns, or prints—as long you keep everything to no more than three colors, the other mixing will look intentional (not like you got dressed in the dark). Not only does this tip help make you look effortlessly chic, it also helps narrow down your options when you’re picking out outfits in a rush. Not to mention, it makes packing a breeze !
3. Learn How to Thrift Well

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One of the greatest gifts my mother has ever given me was teaching me how to sift through racks of clothes at a thrift store or flea market efficiently. It takes time and practice, but it often pays off in a big way. Your eye becomes trained to pick out-treasures among a lot of potential trash , and eventually you’re able to quickly sort out the silks from the synthetics.

And remember—the dry cleaner and tailor are your best friends. If you find a treasure with a salvageable stain or perhaps a hem that’s too long, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. And if you find something that’s way too big or too small but has a fabulous print or fabric, there’s always DIY to reclaim .

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