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Now You Can Bath Without Using Water



The life-changing concept was developed when he was still in high school. He took a bold step, and never made any retreat. Ludwick Marishane is the inventor from South Africa who invented the waterless bath, a gel that enables you to bath without using water.

The waterless bathing lotion makes one clean their body without any use of water. His product is called DryBath, and all you need is to just apply it on your skin and it does all the work that the bath does. Since the waterless bathing lotion was launched, it has left an almost indelible imprint as regards the issue of water challenges. The product has gone a long way in helping those who have minimal access to water. It is a great hygienic product, and much unparalleled in its impact in South Africa and Africa as well.

Marishane said that he spent a lot of months studying other body lotions and creams; their formulas and how they were made. Before he even finished his last year in high school he had come up with a 40-page business plan and had already applied for patents, making him South Africa’s youngest patent holder. He then launched his start-up called Headboy Industries. The journey was not easy, but already it had begun.

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So simple is the product that it often comes as a great convenience to for camping fanatics. But it is more than a convenience. DryBath is both a convenience and a life-saver. The Global Student Entrepreneur Program Awards which acknowledges high school, undergraduates and graduates who own businesses recognized Marishane’s excellent work. In 2011 Marishane won the organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year award, along with $10,000 in cash to finance his startup.

Interesting to note is where the inspiration for the DryBath idea originated from. Marishane had a friend who was very lazy to bath and that’s when he thought of a simple and effortless plan to ensure people took a bath. Marishane did most of his research on Google and Wikipedia since at the time he lived in one of Limpopo’s rural areas and because of that he had limited resources.

DryBath has immense germ-killing properties that help prevent infections that may result from water which is infected by bacteria especially in rural communities. Marishane’s rural experience helped mould the product into a world-class one. For those in urban settlements, it comes as a great convenience when one is in an urgent hurry and they may not have time to take a bath.

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According to the website of Headboy Industries, every DryBath session saves 40 litres of water. The company’s website has directions on how to use the product, and that’s where the products are also sold. The DryBath Premium Satchet Pack costs $45 (this includes seven satchets with wipes and free global shipping). The success has been registered all over the world and Headboy Industries has been featured on CNN, TEDTalk, Forbes, Al Jazeera, and MTV.

credit -africanexponent

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