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Yaa Serwah’s Diary : Who Takes Guard of the Guardian?



Being in a Human Resource department has struck some dormant cords in my system. A typical day as a Human Resource Person (let’s stick to calling them HRs from here) cannot be devoid of requests; whether you consider them necessary or not… “HR I’m hungry!” “HR I need to go on leave!” “HR I’m getting married on Saturday you can’t miss it.” “HR I’m very broke; when are we getting paid?” HR I can’t do this anymore, I QUIT!!!”

I keep wondering if people who opt for these kind of jobs ever dream of having to bear personal burdens of different individuals when they barely have solutions to their own problems. “It’s their job; that is what they are paid to do”, I have heard people say in attempt to prove that they have every right to ask them such questions.

Some people are paid to be caretakers of a lot of things in present times, no doubt about that. What of the people in our lives we keep running to when we need help of whatever sort. Are they also paid to give us a listening ear or a helping hand in those times? They mostly are not people we contact daily and think about always, yet, they are the people we go to as soon as trouble rares its ugly head. So who takes care of them when they have issues too? Do they ever wish they could be number one on our priority list?

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Well, my focus is not on those of us who refuse to see the “caretakers” in our lives, but to make these “caretakers” know, at least, the beauty of the role they play in our lives. The following are some honest answers I collated from friends when I asked them why they will call on some particular people when they are in need, even though they do not necessarily stay in touch with them.

“You know they are in the best position to offer the help you need.” – Nii Aryee.

“Well, I know I can rely on them and they have the capacity to assist.” – Gottfried

“I believe these people are worth sharing problems with. They are real with you, they understand you, they query you about issues when necessary and they are encouragers”- Abena

“You can trust them, they can deliver, always ready to help, and asking them is a means of getting closer to them and further developing the relationship”- Jeffery.

“I guess it’s because I know that they can offer the help I need or they just will give a listening ear so I get my thoughts together” – Mary

“Some qualities they portray like trustworthiness, patience and reliability makes me choose them over others. The advice they give goes a long way to help you even in future.”- Nana Agyekum.

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“You know they will definitely help you. They will always find ways and means to help.” – Sarah.

“Honestly, these are people I know my issues are secure with. They are ready not only to listen but to help. They are kind hearted and I trust them.”- Osei (Pilolo).

“For me, it is because of their generosity or kind gestures, you know they will be of help no matter the circumstance.”- Mary Sazy.

I guess I will have to write another piece on why then we hardly pay attention to them when we have such confidence in them. I dedicate this piece to every “caretaker” out there, especially all Fathers (as Fathers’ Day approaches). You might not be celebrated as much as you deserve to be and you might not be remembered as often as you are supposed to be, but you are indeed the only beam of light that shines in our darkness. Just know that you have special places in our hearts and this is evident in our choices to run to you instead of everyone else…


Written by; Yaa Serwah Antwi

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