Yaa Serwah’s Diary : When Small is Too Big

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“Big things come in small packages” is one quote I keep very close to my lips because; Number one-I do not think I am going to get any bigger soon and Number Two- I have realized that “big” people are most likely to think they have an upper hand, in whatever way, over “smaller” people. Well, more often than not that is the case isn’t it?

Right from Nursery, the big babies with big bellies eat their food quickly and consume that of the smaller ones as well, no matter how long they decide to cry. In High School, the seniors bully the juniors, and finally when you get through all this you meet a boss at work…the rest could follow the norm or could take a different term depending on the Boss.

This status quo never ceases to exist on any busy road in this country. No matter the size of your vehicle, you cannot undermine the “self-made” rights of a motor rider on the road. They move when you least expected them to, keeping you alert to prevent any accidents. Their small feature makes it possible for them to maneuver comfortably in areas other vehicles cannot.

On one of my usual rides to work, I saw a different motor rider. He was in the proper apparel of a rider which made it obvious that he was law abiding…but something else struck me. He rode his bike as it were a 2017 Range Rover Evoque Convertible. He stopped when the traffic light turned red, stayed in the queue of vehicles, bought a few things, and relaxed on the bike as he waited for the green light. Then I kept asking myself; did he not know that motor riders in this country hardly stopped in situations like his? Could he not see the other riders by pass every vehicle? I saw him turn to look at one or two of the other riders so definitely he knew he could just do same so my question was why?

The wait was cut short as the green light came on and we all moved. At this point, some drivers were frustrated and decided to get him out of the way but he managed to keep them all behind him and he rode in the middle lane like they were doing.

This brought me to accept the fact that indeed you decide what level of value others place on you. It has never been about waiting to have a “big” thing to know you have something valuable. It is about placing value on whatever you have no matter how small it may be. I hear people say, “When I am rich I will behave like this or like that”. That is very fine, your status in some way will change. But my point is, we are very much aware that there are certain things you do not necessarily need to be rich to do; so why wait?  That rider I saw that morning did not wait to buy a car to feel like he needs to obey some road regulations; he did not allow any other driver to undermine him because after all they are all road users.

I always say that I do not want to wait to become a millionaire before I begin to feel valuable. I do not want to wait and become a Princess before I decide I cannot behave anyhow in public and I do not want to wait to be a public figure before I realize I need to be nice to everyone and treat all people with respect, no matter who they might be. I cannot wait to get thousands of ideas before I realize I have to bring one to life. Why? Because little is so much when God is in it.

However you see yourself and whatever you may have presently may only be a test of how well you will manage the greater things to come in future (Luke 16:10). Do not fail the test.


Written by: Yaa Serwah Antwi


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