In recent times, patterned socks properly known as ‘happy feet’ have become the thing of the day. With it unique patterns and colours makes you feel like wearing a rainbow on your feet. Patterned socks does magic by spicing up men’s wear with this edgy classic look that makes you attract attention from your head to your feet.

Unlike the traditional white or black socks, patterned socks can also add a degree of personality, fun, and unique style to your look. Despite this, some males make huge fashion disaster when choosing what kind of colour of socks to wear to suit the occasion. it’s so common too see people marching two extremely hot colours. For instance, wearing a blue shirt over a red socks on a hot Monday afternoon, a complete DISASTER….
To really rock your pattern socks, there are few things you have to known.

When choosing which patterned socks to wear, a general rule is to match with at least one color that you’re wearing above the waistline (i.e. the color of your shirt, tie, or sport coat).

Another rule is to avoid matching the pattern of your socks with a pattern that already exists somewhere else in your look. If you’re wearing a striped shirt, try dotted socks.

if there’s already a lot of pattern going on in your look, perhaps reach for the solids or neutrals instead and save your patterned socks for another day. Note, when selecting a solid or a neutral colour remember RULE 1.



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