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Yaa Serwah’s Diary – One Word: Hope



Photo shoots have become one of my favourite hobbies now, probably because they give me the opportunity to select the best shots for any kind of assignment I have to present. It is quite tedious no matter how fun the people you are shooting with are, but for this particular shoot I will be talking about shortly, I had planned it together with a friend and we were just waiting for the said day so that we hit the road.

Just a few days before the shoot a tragedy struck at my end and I knew I would not be able to join them for the shoot so I reluctantly opted out as the hair and make-up artist since my friend, the photographer, had already set up everything and it was highly impossible to postpone it.

I totally forgot about it till his call came through that day. “Good news alas” I thought… but no! The make-up artist who promised to come in my stead had been robbed of her phone (she explained to him later) and there was no way she could reach him. WOW!!! He told me later, “I was disheartened and wanted to postpone it but I was concerned about the models. I knew I would look like a disaster to them, but surprisingly they were not bothered at all.”

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“I had heard about the Portrait Ghana Prize Competition earlier but was reluctant to do what was required of me to win the prize; and to add salt to injury, all the effort I had put in that shoot seemed to have been wasted but I did anyway. What surprised me was the invitation I received from the Dutch Embassy a few weeks later. One of my shots had been picked. The very shot that captured the model just the way she had reported at the site. Amazing! It was great…I wasn’t expecting it. Most people that made it were as old as about 20 years into photography and I am just a little over a year into this. I simply understood that God makes things work in favour of His children and so I call that piece HOPE”, he concluded.

It is really hard when things are going wrong and it is obvious that the end has come. Sometimes, it is not just about things going wrong; things do not seem to happen at all. The world seems to have stopped revolving. You cannot tell even if it is worth pushing for the breakthrough you want, and no amount of tears is enough to wash away the pain that has gripped your heart.

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The verse that came into my mind when I saw that portrait was “all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord… (Romans 8:28).” All Watchman (the photographer) had, was HOPE and indeed that hope did not disappoint. (Romans 5:5)

Having hope urges you on. It is like you have a grip of something when there is nothing else to hold on to. It keeps you believing that God will come through for you; so whatever the situation might be, just remember that Hope really does not disappoint.

Written by Yaa Serwah Antwi

Credit: Derreck Aryee

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