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Yaa Serwaa’s Diary : The Bad Guys



Looking at a little wall gecko wallow helplessly in the chelating shampoo that had accidentally spilled on the tiled floor could move anyone to feel pity for it. It had been there for way too long which made it so obvious that it had come to the realization that it could do nothing to free itself.

I had given it enough time to figure something out so it was fair to start scrubbing from the opposite end, hoping it would only suffocate and die to make my disposing it off easy and I would not be ‘the bad guy’ who killed it. As soon as I splashed some water in its direction, it gathered all the strength it could and forced itself out of the thick shampoo and found a place a dry spot.

As I stood there stunned because of what had just happened I realized the same happens to us in life. We meet people in life who push us to do things we believe we are not capable of doing; the teacher who is always on our necks to solve one question or the other, the boss who seems never satisfied with our work, the relative who always says we can do better when we actually have done our “best”… the list goes on.

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Many at times, these people who seem to be wet blankets actually push us to go the extra mile. They make us do things that we thought we could never do, even though at times we just want to do stuff to prove them wrong. We can see them as the water that splashes in our direction to make us gather strength from within to sail through the very circumstances that has brought us to a standstill.

Undoubtedly, there are some who will never get satisfied even if we bought them the whole world. But if there are people out there who genuinely pushed us to reach the height at which we are today, it is high time we gave them the credit. You might have not got along with them through those times but if they had not played “the bad guys” in our lives that potential, that creativity, that smile would have been hidden for only God knows how long.
So the next time we meet someone who seems to push us, not to do the negative things though, let us remember that God might have sent us a Mordecai to provoke us to act like the ‘queens’ we truly are; they are not in any way our enemies.

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